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equ, gy, 45, 4l6, h, n, ex, lu, z, 7, b, fvi, t, o, TRAFFIC ART | WHAT WE DO
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Video teasers (social media format)


Lifestyle photo shoots


Interview video




Audio Visualizers


Animated gifs


Social Banners for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud


Animated graphics for socials (including IGS Version)



Logo Design


Animated Logo Sting


Branded Content Videos


Branded Merch Design & Mock-Ups





Post Scheduling & Strategy (1 month)



Post Scheduling & Strategy (1 week)



Optimization of all online platforms



Audience growth strategies



Development of marketing plan



Data capturing and storing



Case studies available upon request*



Social media Ad strategy & booking (1 month)



Social media Ad strategy & booking (1 week)



Spotify advertising assets & booking (audio & image must be provided)



Youtube Advertising strategy & booking



Development of press release






EPK (Edit)





Creation of website



Management of all website updates



Grow email list and management of sends



SEO (search engine optimization)



Web blog