How to Set-up Spotify for Artists Profile
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How to Set-up Spotify for Artists Profile

While you work on your craft, don't forget to work on your business. Here's something for new artists that are starting out. Set up your Spotify for Artists and make your profile yours. Check it out now and leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Spotify for Artists provides artists and their teams with audience stats and tools for promoting their music and managing their profile on Spotify. You also become a verified artist, so your profile on Spotify gets a blue verification check mark.

To get access, you need to log in with your Spotify account, or choose SIGN UP to create one.

For artists and managers

If you’re an artist or manager and need access to Spotify for Artists, you can:

  • Claim an artist’s profile
    You’ll need to share some personal info and verify via the artist’s social channels. Our team will review your request and get back to you.

You can manage all your artist profiles’ images with Spotify for Artists, including:

  • The avatar: The profile image paired with your music around Spotify.
  • The header image: The cover/banner image at the top of your artist profile (only displayed in the desktop app and web player).
  • The image gallery: Additional images in the About section of your artist profile. You can upload up to 125 images here!

Before making your profile picture-perfect, you need to make sure your image files meet these guidelines:

  • Have the correct file format (.jpeg, .png, or .gif).
  • Avatar images must be at least 750px x 750px.
  • Header images must be at least 2660px x 1140px, but preferably 6000px x 4000px.
  • Not exceed 20MB.
  • Show your face in the center.
  • Not contain any infringing or offensive materials.
  • Not contain writing, brand advertising, or busy backgrounds.
  • Not promote your upcoming tour or album release.
  • Comply with our copyright policy.

To learn more about how to get the most out of your profile visit:

Thank you!


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