Be your own Content King
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Be your own Content King

Be your own Content King

With the world turning into a literal digital world in 2020, having your voice be heard online has become increasingly more competitive. The world is now opening up to endless possibilities for artists and creators and it’s important now more than ever to stand out above the crowd. While we all know content is key, use this new year to upgrade your visual game and switch up your online style. Here’s a few tips on how to create captivating content to promote your music and your brand. 


  1. Study the scene – think of artists (or creators) that you admire and take a look at their socials, their website, YouTube, and any other things they’re doing in order to stand out. What kind of content pieces stand out and how are they being resourceful? 


  1. Quality is KEY – your shit’s got to look good. What does that mean? I mean whatever you put out is high quality, on-brand, and visually appealing. Try to avoid clutter, make sure you have good lighting and clear audio, and make sure your subject (you) is in good focus and you’re capturing your good side. You can also reach out to the TRAFFIC ART team to have us capture your content.


  1. Explore different mediums – whether it be photos, gifs, video content or other promotional pieces, you should explore trying all formats out to see what your audience responds to best. Try it a few times at different times and dates and make notes about how people respond to it. 


  1. Create your own opportunities – established artists frequently partner with companies to sponsor different performances and events online and IRL. Use this formula and create your own opportunities like this. Reach out to a local shop you like and is on-brand or even give back with a local charity and create fun ways you can tap into their audience. Whether it be taking over their socials or creating a playlist, you can be really creative with how you connect with others. 


  1. Keep it simple – you don’t always need the most. Most times you won’t need to worry about props or backgrounds. You are the main focus and eliminate unnecessary distractions.


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